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Aqualis Natural Timber Products Datasheets

Product Datasheet Description Download
H2Oil Timber : Safety Datasheet View Download
H2Oil Timber : Technical Datasheet View Download
No Fungal Pro : Safety Datasheet View Download
No Fungal Pro : Technical Datasheet View Download
Timber Clean : Safety Datasheet View Download
Timber Clean : Technical Datasheet View Download
Timer Prep : Safety Datasheet View Download
Timer Prep : Technical Datasheet View Download
Traction on Wood : Technical Datasheet View Download

All advice, recommendations, information, or service provided by Aqualis in relation to product manufactured or supplied by it or their use and application is given in good faith and is believed by Aqualis to be appropriate and reliable. This information may be subject to change without notice. No warranty expressed or implied is made as to its accuracy, completeness or otherwise provided that the foregoing shall not exclude, limit, restrict or modify the right entitlements and remedies conferred upon any person or the liabilities imposed upon Intec by any condition or warranty implied by Commonwealth, State or Territory Act or ordinance void or prohibiting such exclusion limitation or modification. Aqualis has no control on individual customer’s application methods and or raw materials used and therefore can not be held responsible for product failure if recommended guidelines are not satisfied. Products are expected to perform as indicated provided the application procedures are adhered to.