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Aqualis Stains & Finishes

Aqualis H2Oil Composite Sealer is a waterborne protective treatment designed for use over wood/plastic composite substrates. It will protect the composite against food, oil staining and dirt retention whilst restoring water repellency.

H2Oil Sealer has been designed to impart the natural look or wet look on composite substrates.

It is applied over correctly prepared composite wood substrates, worked evenly over the entire surface with lamb’s wool applicator, squeegee mop, brush or roller and allowed to dry off. H2Oil Sealer is quick and easy to use and will enhance the beauty of the composite surface locking in pigmentation and slowing down the ageing process due to effects of water and UV exposure.

Surface Preparation

New Composite Wood - Brushed Side / Smooth Side

  1. Wash all Composite Wood products by applying Aqualis Composite Bright conditioner / treatment solution as per mixing rate of 10:1 as shown on the label. Apply at this volume rate for normal cleaning (Aqualis Composite Bright is a low suds action, deep penetrating conditioner treatment). For stronger treatment concentrations refer to the label or technical data sheet.
  2. Once Aqualis Composite Bright is applied to the deck or cladding with a mop or, mechanical spray, scrub the surface with a hard bristle broom or mechanical scrubber on larger decks and wash off after approximately 3-5 minutes with clean water.

Weathered Composite Wood - Brushed Side / Smooth Side

  1. Depending on the condition of the surface, this should be treated and prepared as per the steps for new Composite Wood, with the exception that the product may need to be treated a second time to remove all stubborn oxidisation, dirt, or stains. This will be a case by case site evaluation.
  2. For removal of general soiling or stains on Composite Wood we recommend that they should be treated as soon as possible with Aqualis Composite Bright at the recommended strengths as indicated on the label. For old stubborn stains, especially BBQ oil and fat stains, use Composite Bright at a stronger concentration. Depending on the age and degree of soiling, a re-application may be required to remove the residue of the oil / fat stain. Thoroughly rinse with water.
  3. Allow the surface to dry


New & Weathered Composite Wood

There are 2 methods of protection that can be applied to Composite Wood screening, decking and furniture. Composite Wood materials will lighten over time, surfaces may also be affected by imbedded dirt, stains, or microbial growth and therefore the method of coating should be decided on the degree of deterioration. Also, noting that the finish coating will strengthen the existing colour of Composite Wood substrates.

Refer to the product Technical Datasheet for complete information.

Slip Resistant Finish as per AS 4586-2013
(As Certified by ATTAR. Reference 15/9596.1 dated 19/11/2015)
If a slip resistant finish is required to either (P4) for flat surfaces or (P5) for ramps etc., the use of a grit must be added to H2Oil Isolator, and a specific process is to be used to apply the grit evenly by using a 10 -12 nap Mohair or Microfiber roller at 230 or 270mm wide. Add the polyester grit (at a rate of 20 grams per litre) to the coating and mix until the medium is fully wetted out. Using the roller, apply the product to the surface, and do not use heavy pressure as this will dump extra grit to the surface. Ensure that the grit is constantly stirred in the can as it will float. This is sufficient for (P4) rating for wet slip resistance. If (P5) rating is required, the use of an additional grit being Pumice is needed, and must be scattered on the surface of the first coat of H2Oil Isolator, using a roller as indicated above. Ensure that the Pumice is scattered over wet coating to ensure attachment to the surface. This medium will not float in H2Oil Isolator and must be encapsulated onto the surface with subsequent coat(s). If applying the slip resistant grit to a commercial, high use area or ramp, apply a minimum of 3 coats to ensure a full slip resistant surface.


Extended exterior durability can be achieved provided Isolator substrate is protected from elements of weather and direct sunlight. Intermittent conditioning every three months with Aqualis Composite Bright keeping the surface free from tree sap, dirt, algal, mould or lichen growth will also extend the appearance and life of untreated and treated composite substrates.

The performance and durability of H2Oil Isolator is ultimately dependent on the condition of the wood composite substrate. It is therefore the discretion of the end user to ensure surfaces are kept clean and coated as required every 12 / 24 mths to ensure extended life. Heavy foot traffic areas exposed to direct sunlight will show obvious signs of wear quicker than shaded, light traffic areas.

When the coated Isolator structure starts to look weathered and or the colour has severely faded, treat with Composite Bright and re-apply a maintenance coat of H2Oil Isolator.

Composite Sealer
Designed For Use With:
Composite Woods
price includes 10% GST
price includes 10% GST
Where To Use:

Decking, timber walkways, outdoor furniture, pergolas, steps, rails, fences, gates and other exterior timber.

Coverage m²/L:

Up To 20 m2/lt

Number Of Coats:

Min. 2 Applications

Time Between Re-coats:

1-2 hrs

Drying Time:

Touch dry: 10 min Allow 2-3 hours before replacing furniture, etc.

Clean Up:


Available Sizes

2 Litres, 4 Litres, 10 Litres

Select Your Colour: *
Please Note: The Colour swatches displayed only serve as a guide. The final colour will be dependent on the number of coats used and the pre-existing colour of the substrate to be painted. We highly recommend testing the selected colour for suitability before use, samples can be supplied upon request.

Size: *

price includes 10% GST
price includes 10% GST

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