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Aqualis Stains & Finishes

Aqualis H2Oil Timber is a waterborne self-priming timber finish designed for use on all timber surfaces. H2Oil Timber exhibits excellent exterior, durability, it penetrates deep into the timber sealing and stabilising its fibres to minimise the effects of exposure to weather and sun.

Designed as a one step, self-priming topcoat system for all interior and exterior wood work, furniture and timber structures. H2Oil Timber is suitable for use on most properly prepared hardwoods and soft woods. (It is advised that exotic species, pretreated timbers or composites should be pre-tested to determine application requirements and or suitability)

Ensure that tannin rich hardwoods such as merbau are stripped of oils and tannin using Aqualis Timber Clean/Aqualis Timber Prep prior to H2Oil Timber application, follow guidelines on labels or data sheets, to allow for the leaching of natural oils from the timber thus preventing staining of surrounding substrates, discolouration of timber, or delamination of coating. 

Surface Preparation
  1. Ensure surface is dry, free from dirt, grease and mildew.
  2. Treat any mildew with H2Timber Clean solution (refer to label instructions), thoroughly pre-wet the surface and surrounding walls and vegetation with water, scrub into the surface with a soft bristle broom or brush and allow to stand for 3-5 min. Do not allow the surface to dry out.
  3. Neutralise the timber surface by thoroughly washing with H2 Timber Prep solution (refer to label instructions) once again scrub into the surface using a soft bristle broom or brush. Allow to activate for 3-5 min and thoroughly rinse with clean water. Allow the timber to surface dry and lightly sand with 80-150 grit paper to remove raised timber fibres or any remaining surface imperfections if required.
  4. Allow 24hrs to achieve good surface drying prior application of H2OIL.

  1. Apply H2OIL by lamb’s wool applicator, suitable brush roller or rag on for optimum protection and adhesion.
  2. Application of H2OIL should be done by applying to three or four full length boards at a time, whilst always maintaining a wet edge to avoid lap marks. Do not apply too heavy and avoid excess material pooling on the surface as this will result in drying issues, dirt retention and blotchiness. Continue this procedure until full deck has been coated. It is not recommended to apply H2Oil in high temperatures in direct sunlight or windy conditions.
  3. Re-apply allowing a minimum of one hour between coats.


If protected from direct sunlight and with light foot traffic H2OIL, may only need to be recoated once every 2-4 years, follow the recommended application guidelines.

Extended exterior durability can be achieved provided timber is protected from elements of weather and direct sunlight. Intermittent cleaning every three months with H2Deck Bright keeping the surface free from algal, mould or lichen growth, tree sap and dirt will also extend the life of the coating.

Although all raw materials used in this product exhibit excellent U.V. resistance, the coating film itself cannot prevent timber fibres from breaking down from long term exposure to direct sunlight eventually resulting in coating failure. Heavy foot traffic areas exposed to direct sunlight will show obvious signs of wear quicker than shaded, light traffic areas. When the coated timber starts to look weathered and or the colour has severely faded, treat the surface with H2Deck Bright and apply a maintenance coat of H2OIL as illustrated above.

H2Oil Timber
Designed For Use With:
Natural Timbers
price includes 10% GST
price includes 10% GST
Where To Use:

Decking, timber walkways, outdoor furniture, pergolas, steps, rails, fences, gates and other exterior timber.

Coverage m²/L:

Up To 20 m2/lt

Number Of Coats:

Min. 2 applications

Time Between Re-coats:

1 - 2 Hours

Drying Time:

Touch dry: 10 min. Allow 2-3 hours before replacing furniture, etc.

Clean Up:


Available Sizes

4 Litres, 10 Litres

Select Your Colour: *
Please Note: The Colour swatches displayed only serve as a guide. The final colour will be dependent on the number of coats used and the pre-existing colour of the substrate to be painted. We highly recommend testing the selected colour for suitability before use, samples can be supplied upon request.

Size: *

price includes 10% GST
price includes 10% GST

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