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Aqualis Stains & Finishes

Aqualis Refresh is a UV resistant stain designed for use on all internal and external timber and composite wood surfaces. Refresh exhibits excellent application properties delivering natural looking colours with excellent transparency and light fast

Refresh is a universal stain/colour system developed for use specifically on composite wood to produce a natural light fast transparent look. Due to the vast range of composite wood available to the market it is advised to test on obscure section for suitability. It is also well suited for use directly on to natural timber. Aqualis WPC Refresh can be wiped on or spray applied delivering rich uniform natural looking colours with little or no need for toning of subsequent topcoats. Refresh has excellent light fastness and is resistant to fading when exposed to sunlight.

Surface Preparation

Ensure surface is free from dirt and grease, thoroughly pre-wet the composite wood surface with fresh water and proceed to wash with Aqualis Composite Bright as per application instructions. Completely rinse off any residues from the surface using clean water and allow to completely dry. Inspect the surface for cleanliness. This process may need to be repeated in order to remove stubborn grease or oil stains, also refer to Aqualis Spot Clean for stubborn areas.

Once the composite wood substrate has been cleaned to satisfaction and has completely dried out, it is ready for the coating process.


Spray Or Wipe

  1. Apply liberally by spray gun or wipe on with a rag or applicator composite substrate ensuring even wet application. Allow penetration of stain for approximately 3 – 6 min.
  2. Wipe off excess stain evenly using clean cotton cloth ensuring all streaks or blotches of wet or damp stain are removed and allow up to 2 hrs drying.
  3. Apply Aqualis H2Oil Composite Clear top coat and allow drying for 1 - 2 hrs. Follow application instructions. Apply as a thin coat not allowing the H2Oil Composite to pool on the surface.
    (Direct sunlight and or wind will shorten drying times and workability)
  4. Apply a second coat of H2Oil Composite Clear top coat and allow overnight drying.
    (This step may be repeated in order to achieve a full grain finish.)
  5. If required apply a third and final coat of H2Oil Composite Clear


Extended exterior durability can be achieved provided composite substrate is protected from elements of weather and direct sunlight. Intermittent cleaning every three months with Aqualis Composite Bright keeping the surface free from tree sap, dirt, algal, mould or lichen growth will also extend the appearance and life of the composite.

The performance and durability of your composite structure is ultimately dependent on the degree of exposure to the elements of weather, foot traffic, dirt retention, microbial growth food stains etc. It is therefore the discretion of the end user to ensure surfaces are kept clean and coated as required every 12 / 24 mths to ensure extended life. Heavy foot traffic areas exposed to direct sunlight will show obvious signs of wear quicker than shaded, light traffic areas. Early signs of algal or fungal growth, food/oil and water stains must be cleaned up as soon as practicable to prevent further microbial attack and deterioration.

When the coated composite structure starts to look weathered and or the colour has severely faded, wash with Aqualis Composite Bright and re-apply a maintenance coat of H2 Oil Composite

Designed For Use With:
Composite Woods
price includes 10% GST
price includes 10% GST
Where To Use:

Decking, timber walkways, outdoor furniture, pergolas, steps, rails, fences, gates and other exterior items.

Coverage m²/L:

Up To 25 m2/lt

Number Of Coats:

1 Coat Minimum

Time Between Re-coats:

Minimum 2 Hours

Drying Time:

2 – 4 Hours

Available Sizes

2 Litres, 4 Litres

Select Your Colour: *
Please Note: The Colour swatches displayed only serve as a guide. The final colour will be dependent on the number of coats used and the pre-existing colour of the substrate to be painted. We highly recommend testing the selected colour for suitability before use, samples can be supplied upon request.

Size: *

price includes 10% GST
price includes 10% GST

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